Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lo Parkin

Unless you live with your head in the clouds, or are quite simply oblivious to all things fashion, you'll probably know that today marked the last day of London Fashion Week. As a consequence twitter feeds, Facebook pages and blogs have all gone into overdrive talking about the latest and best of AW13. And although I'm not complaining about that, I thought I'd spare us all a rehash of what LFW had to offer. 
Instead I thought I'd introduce (or if you know her already, reintroduce) you to Lo Parkin. And before anyone asks, there is a link to fashion week: I met Lo at Somerset House, the LFW HQ, where she was darting about taking pictures of stylish people for her to work from. Because Lo just happens to be a fashion illustrator - possibly one of the coolest jobs going, if you ask me.
So here's a stop-motion video of hers; admittedly unrelated to fashion, but incredibly impressive nonetheless. 


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