Saturday, February 9, 2013

CoSTUME NATIONAL - Spring/Summer 2013

While the cold temperatures are hardly a motivation to start thinking ahead to the summer collections, I'm taking the arrival of the bi-annuals on the shelves as a cue for a series of reviews I'm about to hit you with.

I'm kicking off with the CoSTUME NATIONAL menswear show, which, back then in Milan seemed like the ultimate clothing to be wearing for the weather at the time. With a general 'scorching temperatures' motif, with desert jackets (I won't mention Yves Saint Laurent) and light and sheer cottons, the collection worked some complex layering. 

Highlights, for me, were the embellished leather pieces, featured as shirts, trench-like jackets and trousers, with eyelets and fabric inserts to lift the whole. 

As someone who finds the notion of layering slightly off-colour aggravating (especially when it comes to black), the collection celebrated the wide range of hues within the bi-chromatic spectrum, with success, I'd add, somewhat in awe. Transparency could be the key.

Photography my own.


  1. Great collection! Looking forward to hearing more on Milan mens week

    Rena xoxo

    1. yeah loved this collection, C.N never seems to fail to deliver the goods!

  2. Amazing... Ah, those trousers.. xx

  3. Cool pictures !

    xxx from Paris

    Go see my fashion blog ;)

  4. Amazing collection... 2 and 4 are so stunning looks!

  5. love collections!

    Angela Donava