Thursday, November 8, 2012

Roberto Musso

As our reviews of the autumn-winter Milan collections come to a close, I came accross the Roberto Musso collection, we saw back in Febuary. Initially our reaction had been fairly negative, as the collection seemed out of touch with the general feel of the winter shows.

However, upon reflection, and having seen various items of the collection around Milan, the pure tailored lines and simple shapes, which put more emphasis on the materials, struck me as being the key to the show. The silhouettes were softened with billowing skirts, rounded shoulders and voluminous blouses. Fairly classical pieces were reworked not as statement pieces but so as to fit into a more modern style of tailoring.

To cut things short, Roberto Musso's collection made a modest statement with the softer, more minute details which may perhaps appeal to those more inclined to select clothing for the cut. Minimalism? Maybe, but one thing is sure, Musso knows how to cater for the refined taste of a slightly more mature audience. 


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