Saturday, November 3, 2012

Le1f - Dark York

'Gay Rap', in the aftermath of the Frank Ocean's coming-out, seems to be 'the next big thing'. Simply because this form of Rap isn't woman hating-degrading-abusive, however, is by no means a reason to label this new scene and, by consequence, marginalise it to a subversive art form.

A great founding corner stone for this new dynamic is Le1f (pronounced Leif), a self-labelled 'gayngsta' whose camp rap inserts elements of electronic, digital-style R&B into his work. I hurried down to London to see him perform at Birthday's, Dalston. The intimate gig, with tracks taken from his 'Dark York' mixtape, had a distinctly urban crunch to it. With hints of Voguing and Drag Balls, Le1f made for a performance both energising and cutting-edge.


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