Monday, September 10, 2012

Ports 1961

With a specific focus on oversized overcoats, that came in a range of camels, dark browns and greys, the Ports 1961 show seemed to forewarn of a particularly wet winter. Using a rich palette of browns, with hints of burgundy, this suave collection oozed a sense of discreet tailoring.
Shoulders were soft, trouser legs were wide and waists were tightly nipped in. Cladded with some bold retro spectacles and accessorised with some square leather holdalls that will make boys and girls alike green with envy, the Ports silhouette proved to be a particularly discreet dandy - apart from an odd insert of swakara fur as just a hint of extragavance.
In short, no sign of excess nor opulence at Ports 1961, but on the contrary an impeccable, irreprochable array of more than sleek silhouettes.