Saturday, July 21, 2012

Baartmans and Siegel

As the UK finally gets to see some sun for the first time in a long while, its only natural that summerwear is one of the first things to spring to our minds. And so, to this effect, the Baartmans and Siegel collection, which was presented at London Collections, could hardly be more appropriate. 
The presentation itself was held over a couple of hours, with a slow rotation of models on the podium. In comparison to the usual high-paced stride in shows, this gave ample time to actually take in the details and was perfectly suited to the relaxed feel emanating from the collection.  
Combining soft shapes, pale colours and delicate textures, Baartmans and Siegels take on ss13 is a fine example of the more feminine path menswear has embarked upon. Suits, cardis and trenches have all been reworked to incorporate feminine elements. A retro feel also runs throughout the different outfits which acts as a balance to those elements, resulting in a collection that presents a gentleman both refined and contemporary.    

Photos by Theo Clark

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  1. What a nice collection! There are some really interesting items like that white/transparent shirt :)