Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nightwalk SS12

Betty Spoke - Photo Bartosz Madejski

Betty Spoke - Photo Bartosz Madejski

HandmadeInPartick - Photo Bartosz Madejski

Handmade in Partick - Photo Bartosz Madejski

Obscure Couture - Photo Bartosz Madejski

Betty Spoke - Photo Bartosz Madejski

Sweet Danger - Photo Bartosz Madejski

Sweet Danger - Photo Bartosz Madejski

A year after modelling at Glasgow's Nightwalk show (my first show ever!), I participated again and thereby brought my Glasgow modelling days to a close. Certainly sad, but what better way to end than with such an impressive show? Not least because I got to wear clothes (a few of which are pictured above) by my favourite designers. As a result, the show literally left my completely over-excited & buzzing (something which translates as some very hyperactive behaviour & high-speed talking) but with the only regret that I wasn't able to sneak off with some of the beautiful pieces.

Photos Bartosz Madejski -

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  1. Les looks sont supers!!!!J'adooore:)
    Angela Donava