Friday, May 18, 2012

Diesel Black Gold Milan Début

I was fortunate to be able to attend Diesel Black Gold's catwalk début during MFW Uomo, back in January. The pressure was on, but in the midst of the established Milanese houses, the higher-end label of the Diesel Universe played the part of the rebel sibling accordingly.

Apart from the rock wardrobe staples present, such as perfecto jackets, leather jeans and ankle lace up boots, Diesel surprised with thick knits, as well as tailored three piece suits, ranging from rusty reds to sky blues.

Leather was ubiquitous, from tailored leather jackets down to the show-stopping blue trench-style coat. Diesel stated its excellence in terms of leatherware, but also sent out a strong commercial message - as the only rock based label, Diesel cultivated the image that the house's clientèle aspire to.  A balance between classic tailoring and a counter-culture was struck, which is daring, but the collection kept perfectly in line with the spirit of any self-respecting rocker.

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