Monday, April 30, 2012

Moschino - Sartorial Rock

Looking back to Milan Fashion Week Uomo, the Moschino aw 2012 collection has to be the one that stuck in my mind; those pop colours contrasting with the surreally beautiful palace made an impression.
A collection appropriately named Sartorial Rock – a tangible British theme that was at the heart of the event (tea was served in china tea cups with custom-made Twinings for Moschino teabags). Staple items of the English silhouette, such as the bowler hat - so distinctive to the Moschino gentleman - were re-interpreted with flashy colours, reds, oranges, greens and pinks more neon than anything the 80s could ever have ever imagined. Fluorescent biker jackets, garish prints and stitched details on perfectly tailored suits offered a perfect symbiosis between two universes usually miles apart. 

Prints embodied the spirit of the collection – with pills, guitars, graffiti and saxophones rocketing tailoring into rock & roll proportions.

I was glad to have had the opportunity to get a closer inspection at the Moschino showroom. Small details, imperceptible during the show (such as the pill prints or the labels), made the collection particularly witty, and offered a light, whimsical, interpretation of British Sartorialism. Even the bricks of Savile Row made it onto the runway – keep a sharp lookout for a Moschino suit camouflaged infront of a brick wall next winter!


  1. HI Patrick! I've recently discovered that the brick wall prints it's from the old Franco Moschino Archive. It was dedicated to the Berlin Wall. Today has definitely a different meaning! ;)
    Alessandro -

    1. Wow those bricks have a history then! That's amazing... the print takes on a whole new dimension!