Monday, April 16, 2012


make-up & photography: Kaeleigh Wallace, models: Lauren Andrew, Martin Melecis, Sofie Burley
You know when something catches your eye? Catches your eye in the way that makes you double-take & stop in your tracks - something which doesn't happen very often, I'll grant you that. 
But when my Facebook feed flashed up this series entitled "Criminals", I did find myself scrolling back up the page to have another long, hard look. The master-mind behind this ongoing project is Kaeleigh Wallace, a Glasgow-based make-up artist who I have often had the pleasure to watch as she deftly wielded her make-up brushes for a stunning final result.
Kaeleigh explained that she decided to take the photos herself, shying away from fancy photography (which, I believe, more often than not results in something beautiful, true - but lifeless) to keep a gritty, real edge to them. Such an approach is in keeping with the mugshot theme, a nod to Glasgow's reputation of being rough. And this is precisely why I think these photos are effective - they are not overly aestheticised but capture the fun, care-free attitude which is so special to Glasgow's creative scene.
 Needless to say I'll be keeping my eye on this one.


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