Friday, April 13, 2012

Bad Students at DSquared²

As I got back into Milan yesterday, the first thing that struck me was that the grey that had been predominant all winter has finally left, making room for an amazing array of greens, yellows and browns. The DSquared² show, back during january's Milan Fashion Week, came to mind - with its sort of 'earthy spring' themed colour palette.

The collection, 'Good Family - Bad Reputation', mixed geeky details (oversized glasses) with  the ultra-handsome player.  The teacher vs. student frame (invites were Schoolbooks, runway had been transformed into a lecture hall, the soundtrack was a medley of My Generation and Another Brick in the Wall), was the backdrop to an over-arching 60s leitmotiv (think Nicholas Hoult in A Single Man).

The coats, jackets and accessories emulated a 60s silhouette, with army parkers (bedazzled with enough bling to keep me happy for the next decade), mohair sweaters, tight fitting tuxedos and checkered shirts. Vintage wardrobe basics were reworked, adding a new feel to the retro vibe. Take the 'bottle silhouette' jeans as an example, which were a constant throughout.

A word needs to be said about the accessories, the bags, to be more precise, which came in an array of materials (nylons, leathers, canvas, denim) in browns, burgundy, olive green. Enough for anybody to want to head back to uni, just to have an excuse to use those beauties to lug books around.


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