Thursday, March 22, 2012

John Richmond - Sartorial Rock

'One foot in Savile Row and the other at the Ace Café'
 What with this sunny arrival of spring, it's a weird sensation to be writing about winter garments,so forgive the seasonal confusion and let's look ahead to winter 2012 with a peek at John Richmond's collection.

Who better than an Englishman to do a collection entirely based on British sartorial heritage? References to Savile Row were abundant, with staple items such as crombie, hunting and parker jackets revisited with twists. Not the adventurous sort of twists, just a touch that suffices to make a classic jacket modern. Richmond added his usal hint of Rock to the collection with tattoo prints, denim and, of course, biker jackets.

The colour scheme had a definite English countryside feel to it with various shades of earthy browns & greys; the burgundy was a leitmotiv that, for me, was one of the highlights of the collection.
What kind of Englishman would head for the countryside without his riding boots? Not the John Richmond one.

Fur inserts and collars came in all sorts of colours and forms: starting with a shaved fur jacket, moving on to a fur lined parker, Richmond seems to think next winter will be a bitterly cold one.
Keeping in line with the long-haired fur coat trend, Richmond brandished one that was a definite showstopper. And a personal favourite.


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