Sunday, March 25, 2012

Jennie Lööf x asos

So it seems everyone is taking that asos leap & joining Marketplace (that place where all too many an hour has been lost in browsing), amongst whom Jennie Lööf. And guess what? She actually asked me to style for the photos that were to go up on asos - needless to say, with my long-standing love for her designs, I was hardly go to say no, was I?  
Above are some of my favourite images from a hard-but-incredibly-fun-day's work, whilst the rest, can be found on asos (surprise, surprise). If ever a shoot, went like a dream it was this one, especially seeing as we had been originally forecast snow - I actually defy anyone to spot a snowflake in these photos!

Photographer: David Muir
Models: Heather McDowall, Lynsey Scott, Iona Stoddart
Stylist: Ginger Clark
MUA & Hairstylist: Amy O'Rourke
Assistant: Claire McGinley
Clothes by: Jennie Lööf