Thursday, March 8, 2012

Acid Candy

shawl: Isolated Heroes, t-shirt: Once Upon a Time
bomber jacket: Isolated Heroes, shorts: Once Upon a Time
playsuit: Velvet Elvis
skirt: Velvet Elvis, accessories: Tatty Bon vintage
Since taking on the role as GUM's fashion editor, I've become even more aware of the fact (if I wasn't before), that there are some incredibly talented Scottish designers & my latest editorial for the magazine was yet more proof that this is the case. Crucially though, it's not just that these people are talented, but that they are also kind, approachable and down-to-earth; talent is certainly something, but personality says a lot about a brand too & these designers certainly know how to combine both.
Enough said, however: the clothes need to have a turn in the spotlight too... 

Photographer: Andy King
Model: Lauren Andrew
Make-up: Ashleigh Anderson
Wigs: Lou Clavé




  1. Ginger! I weep to see how the pupil has surpassed the master... but they are indeed tears of joy. Seriously thought this was from a Real Grown-Up magazine. Well done!

    R xxxxx

  2. wow this is actually amazing! I love the creative direction you have taken.

    Seriously really well done

  3. Amazing :)

  4. love it!

  5. These photos are beautiful!Amazing!