Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Ruins of Detroit

Classroom, St Margaret Mary School
(all images from their website)
Fisher Body Plant 
Room 1504, Lee Plaza Hotel
United Artists Theatre
You've noticed: every now and again we do a side-step in the domain of art or music. This time, I'm probably taking more a side-leap by turning to photography and architecture with the work of Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre. 
I'd read an article on them over the summer, had been breath-taken & made a mental note, which I inevitably proceeded to rapidly forget all about, until I came across them again on the internet a few days ago.
Their work (which can be found in print & on their website) consists of photos depicting some of Detroit's many delapidated buildings. I find this collection absolutely mesmerising in the manner Marchand & Meffre manage to reveal the beauty of the ruins: the photographs not only capture the vestiges of Detroit's former glory but also hint at the personal lives that belonged to that era.  I reckon few people could give quite such sensitive a portrayal of the beauty held within the flaking, crumbling, disintegrating walls of a city.



  1. Stunning pictures...I've never heard anything about them, I check the website. Thanks for share!
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  4. Incredible first inclination was completely drawn to the gorgeous lines of the original space...beautiful architecture frames the decrepit building..but nothing can hide its true bones! Amazing...

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