Thursday, February 9, 2012

Winter Sportsman - Dirk Bikkembergs

Dirk Bikkembergs, I have to admit, conjures up images of muscular footballers in nylon body-moulding sportgear. The sort of thing I'd usually run from. Mention 'football' in the same sentence as 'designer' and my brain frazzles - surely, they can't co-exist? I'm glad to have discovered that Dirk proved all us style snobs out there wrong. Not only was I surprised by the absence of body builder models on the runway, but the content was also more than elegant. It had charisma.
With an obvious appreciation and understanding of the male (sporty) body, Bikkembergs' designs highlight the natural lines and accentuate its structure. This goes not only through skin-tight, fitted garments but also through appropriate placing of zips, folds, hems. 
The Bikkembergs man comes in a beautiful palette of dark blues, greens, off-blacks. Accessories proved to be a plus with the man-clutch very much present (more to say on that matter, soon) and the peak-cap reinterpreted as a wool headpiece.

An obvious highlight to the show was the black mink coat, which, as a visit to the showroom proved, was exquisite (for a mere €10 000, it's yours). Another perk were the glitter jumpers which, balanced out with a matt wool jacket, sparkled all the way down the runway.
Bikkembergs put the style in football that it was missing. Even I might consider it as an option, if sport makes looking good that easy.


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