Monday, January 9, 2012

So Wide

I am a big admirer of the wide trouser leg. I cannot hide my love for them!
So I was particularly excited when Ginger managed to grab some in the sales in London (living vicariously, I know, I know...).
When she tried them I wondered what the etiquette for length&co is on wide legged trousers.
Not a question that will keep me up at night, but still, proof of my own ignorance. What would you say about the issue? Heels obligatory? Ankle? Shoe peeping out from underneath or not?


  1. Really great draw, love the style of this girls, and the style of this draw too

    Peace from France

  2. great drawing, i love wide trouser, it so chic and classic !!

  3. Wide trousers are so hip! Love them! xo

  4. i love your blog name, this is also a great post!

  5. Super dessin!
    Angela Donava

  6. HI! I have always been a huge fan of wide legged trousers, especially bell bottoms! but I have never worn them since skinny are my new bf...

    I took advantage od the sales and I bought one I'm wondering - as u do- what are the best shoes to be matched... I'm thinking about high heel loafers or wedges..

    I'll make a post about it as soon as I find the perfect match! ;)

    check out my blog if u get a second dear!


  7. oh I love them too, with everything - i like them with flats, but even more with high heels. Didn't Garance (Doré) write something about it, some time ago?

    1. did she? would love to see what she has to say on the matter! definitely solid opinion....:)

  8. Oh wow those are very beautiful .Your excitement is clearly justified! I want to tell youtrue religion shorts is my favorite and hope you can come in and see.