Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mircalla Glass presents Lost Paradise

Annakim Violette's debut album - Lost Paradise - has just been released. The 10 track album is a nice energetic start to 2012, and I've been anticipating it since Purple Mag launched the video back in November.

Looking through the selby's photos of Annakim Violette's place, words such as recycled, pop, explosive, oniric, glitter and glitz come to mind. And when you listen to the debut album by this blogger, artist, musician, model...it pretty much reflects every detail of her home.

Image from The Selby
Her work is, above all, uninhibited.
If you had to label her she'd be 'surrealist'. But she defies that label too and has produced an album which is furiously detached from anything else currently going on.

Black of the Blood, shot by Marie Kristiansen, captures the aesthetic of her work perfectly.

p.s And she's totally jokes to follow on twitter if you fall in love with the album.
Happy dreaming.



  1. I love the name of your blog!

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  2. Cool pics!