Sunday, December 18, 2011

Vuvuvultures EP Launch

Ok so listen up - I'm really excited to present the Vuvuvultures, London based band, who launched their first EP earlier this week. A VERY promising band - more to be expected from these guys. On first listening I was stunned by the quality of their sound, lyrics and image. Harmony / Nicole / Paul / Matt present their first EP VVV which you can listen to here. Ctrl Alt Mexicans (1st track) is distinct and unique. They've got that balance & mix of genres that's so rare.

The crew shot by a friend of mine, photographer Francis L Brooks.

 Lead singer Harmony Boucher was lately seen in Another Magazine's shoot Punkature by Nick Knight. The shoot had caught my eye. She's stunning right?

They have BIG potential - so listen, share the love and watch this space.


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