Thursday, December 15, 2011

Susan Castillo

All Susan's images can be found on her website
In the frenzy of juggling my dissertation, essays and exams in the run up to the early December deadlines, I somehow managed to take a break to go to Glasgow's La La Land for the launch of it's photography exhibition "Collection" (running until the 24th of December).
Huddled away in the warmth, away from the torrential rain, it was a pleasure to discover Susan Castillo's work: her photographs oscillate between the moody and ethereal, and are downright beautiful.  The composition of each image is well-balanced, but what I liked the most was her use of colour for it's bright subtlety. Sounds like a contradiction, but it isn't.
It's the sort of thing you could quite easily gaze at for hours on end.   



  1. Oh wow thank for sharing, that first picture is just stunning!


  2. Elles sont superbes les photos!

    Angela Donava