Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rebel Rebel

video by Ben Northfield

Having long-since gained the title as the James Dean figure of the family, Théo certainly dresses the part. Add a slightly moody facial expression, and the resemblance is uncanny. Despite having previously blogged about Théo & how his dress-sense is shaped by his skateboarding activities, it is still interesting to see how his style differs from either of our own, particularly since his having moved to London. Admittedly, there is not a skateboard in sight in the photos (for that, see the video) but they still reflect the fact that there are other influences at work in the way he dresses. 
Drawing on various eras, from the 50s right through to the 80s, a recurring - but by no means only - vibe is that of the classic rebel figure. Like James Dean. Like Estevez as John Bender. To which he adds the laisser-aller skateboarder cool for his own take.
And yet he still manages to borrow from Patrick's wardrobe & vice-versa - proof that it's all about knowing how to adapt one style into another!

Photos by Patrick


  1. pretty rad!

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