Monday, October 31, 2011

ITCOW: The Show

Dawntroversial Shoes, photo by Daniela Flores
MeeMee Couture dress, photo by Daniela Flores
photo by Daniela Flores
Eleanor's Riot, photo by Loraine Ross
Lilylovelock shirt, Photo Levi Macdonald
Jennie Lööf skirt and top, photo by Daniela Flores

Photo by Loraine Ross
Jennie Lööf outfit, Photo by Loraine Ross
Isla Scott coat, Photo by Loraine Ross
As previously mentioned I took part in the In The Company of Wolves fashion show at Glasgow's SubClub. I would quite happily ramble on for some time about the whole experience, but it's probably best for all involved if I refrain from doing so. 
In short:
I got to wear eight beautiful (or, in one particular case, crazy) outfits.
Had kick ass hair & make-up.
Strut down the catwalk in one pair of sweeeet heels.

All that in a spooky, spooky atmosphere of blue light and eery music: Happy Halloween!



  1. You look amazing I just love the hair !

  2. You're awesome !!

  3. Wow! That's you? AH-MAZING!!!! You look so gorgeous!!! Your hair is ablaze and your body is bangin'... Doesn't hurt to have spectacular designs to sport! Well done

  4. the fisrt heels are amazing !!! really a nice collection


  5. Great looks but those shoes are gorge x