Thursday, August 4, 2011

Récits de mode: Hussein Chalayan

I can't pretend to like all of Hussein Chalayan's designs, but I'd definitely advise anybody who happens to be in Paris to do a detour via the current Arts Décoratifs exhibition. As a thorough presentation of Chalayan's work, it offers an interesting insight into the thought that shapes & surrounds his creations.

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The exhibition is a nice balance of clothes and multimedia, not only showing his work in terms of fashion but in art with his filmed performances and videos.
I appreciated the fact that the exhibition is void of any explanatory signs, bar a booklet which can be picked up at the entrance, thereby allowing you to appreciate Chalayan's work without feeling obliged to read every single ounce of information. And that's despite the fact that he's a designer who doesn't simply concentrate on the esthetic side of clothes but also on the messages they can convey.
In that vein, this exhibition is both proof and a reminder of how far fashion's boundaries can extend: it's not simply tied into an industry but is so often imbued with - as Chalayan so cleverly brings to light - politics, technology, philosophy & identity. 



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