Thursday, July 7, 2011

Couture Princess

As usual, when we get to that time of year for the Couture shows, excitement levels reach a new high.
For the Autumn 2011 Couture I'm particularly enjoying a certain "exotic princess" look which runs through some of the collections - not the exoticism of warm, vibrantly coloured countries, but one with more mysterious, dark & brooding resonances.

Jean-Paul Gaultier transports us to some far-flung Siberian court, with fur-clad or bejeweled tsars & tsarinas.

Meanwhile at Givenchy, Tisci has created a range of white ethereal princesses... 

...whilst the Valentino damsels carry about them a medieval-vibe, draped as they are in sheer brocades & velvets.

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 So, once again, the couture collections have satisfied that desire for dreaming - this time by plunging us into the mysterious worlds of remote courts.



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