Friday, June 17, 2011

Glasgow Fashion: Jennie Lööf & The Family Chest

I’ve previously declared my admiration for Jennie Lööf’s designs & was delighted to be invited to a presentation of her latest collection at her studio earlier in June.

The nostalgic resonances of the title "The Family Chest" echo throughout the collection as it draws its inspiration from her family, particularly her mother & grandmothers: taking their style as a starting block Jennie has also incorporated fabrics, passed down to her from them, into the garments of the collection. 
As a result you have a cute dress made out of gingham once belonging to her grandmother; a top flashes some lining made out bed clothes that once belonged to her and her sister; another item uses lace from her sister’s wedding dress... 

Yet again Jennie presents us with irresistible bright & cheerful clothes, this time combined with sentimental ties. For me, that personal touch only adds in value & is a sign that you are well & truly dealing with someone who loves what she does. 

photos & video: John Johnston Photography