Thursday, April 7, 2011

Beyond Warhol's Prints

Andy Warhol's work won't lose its popular appeal for a while, especially as it is still so pertinent and relevant to contemporary culture. Behind the commercial success, however, lies a mountain of unexplored work, notably in his collection of some 2500 videos, of which some 600 films. His videos are relatively unknown, some famous few caught the attention of art critics, such as his famous Sleep (1963), but the majority of these works are still undiscovered. Some pieces are scattered around youtube, but as usual authenticity is difficult to discern.

His videos and films mainly concentrate on his career at his Factory, on 231 East 47th Street, and capture all sorts of happenings, from David Bowie coming to The Factory or simply his entourage going through every day actions, like eating.

The Kiss, 1963
The diversity of subjects and the combination of different art forms really focuses on Warhol’s all-encompassing career: his involvement in the arts, fashion, music, television is central to his work in his videos, which makes them all the more interesting
I’ve collected a few of the videos that caught my attention and thrown in a few stills – suffice to say that there is a lot more out there: his influence in later video based art is evident, and bares strong similarities to what are considered as avant-garde video works nowadays. The attention that these videos have had will be, no doubt, increasing in the next few years as they become better documented.

The Velvet Underground, Nico & Andy Warhol - Exploding Plastic Inevitable



  1. I did a little write up about Andy when I was studying fashion/ a major icon it wasn't hard to pick him, thanks for the picks and the post..brought back some nice memories of wearing multi printed t-shirt with a version of Marilyn Monroe..xx V

  2. one, you are gorgeous and i love that long maxi skirt and the wedges from your last post. two, andy is so timeless bc his style is so identifiable. he stands out and thats why its so great. thanks for reminding me.

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  7. Thank you for sharing these videos! I haven't seen them! You have a talent for writing! xoxoxoo

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  10. Andy Warhol. What a timeless icon. I really enjoyed reading your insight too. Have you seen the movie 'Factory Girl'? I'm in love with Edie Sedgwick. One of my all time favorites.

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