Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Art Collides With Fashion

With my penchant for both art & fashion, I always find it interesting to see how some designers manage to play with the boundaries between both: when does a garment stop being an item of clothing & become sculpture? 
Prime examples of this can be found at the Festival d'Hyรจres (this year with Raf Simons as head of the jury panel), which gives an award to a new, up & coming designer. Of this year's ten finalists, two have caught my eye in their ability to fuse art with fashion.

Maryam Kordbacheh has created some beautifully delicate clothes. Titles she uses, such as "Shape is Form" and "Shape & Leftover Shape", are indicative of an exploration that goes beyond just clothes: the delicate fabric folds & drapes become a way to play with the interaction of shape & space.

In terms of menswear Michael Kampe stands out with his crazy hybrid clothes-cum-sculptures. I'm not even sure when or where you'd be able to wear some of his stuff but I love the structured constructions just as I do the sea prints.
Anyway, I'm curious to see who Raf Simons decides has the most talent of the 10 innovative designers...



  1. ~the day fashion & art are separate is the day I despair

  2. Good work i like what you been putting out if you have a min check me out and let me know what you think

  3. Ooh!your blog it's beautiful!xx

  4. love the idea of the clothes being an art within themselves, like sculptures

  5. LOVE LOVE that second dress - I am always looking for inspiration for the dance costumes that I design/sew. Very cool.

  6. how cool is it, to put on a garment like that and be a piece of art? Very cool.

  7. I love the nude tones - beautiful!


  8. So inspiring! Reminds me somehow of architecture...


  9. love the first two dresses!
    great post & awesome blog :)
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