Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Off the Rails

Who would wear so much knitwear on such a sunny day? 
It should still be winter! But the sun has proved spring is well and truly here.
So it's a last chance to wear some really chunky knitwear with some pretty heavy Dolce&Gabbana trousers to fight off the remaining cold. Not that I ever really dress appropriately for the weather.

Photos by Théo Clark


  1. Ohh love these pictures! You are able to feel the spring coming! Looking good and intersting:)

  2. love it!

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  3. Your style is awesome! Love it!
    Love the contrast with curly hair and undercut.


  4. these pictures are amazing and i couldn't be more in love with your blog title. anything with the word ginger and monster in it, i'm a fan. haha. Super glad I found your blog. I'm following, I hope you'll follow too. Swing by to see 3 new post today on all things celebrity fashion from a LA stylist.