Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mark Morrisroe

After the exhibition at Fotomuseum Winterthur in Zürich and a twitter take-off raving about the exhibition articles in Both AnOther and Wonderland popped up celebrating Mark Morrisroe. He's relatively unknown and was never particularly successful during his lifetime, and the interest in his work seems to be fairly recent.

His photography is beautiful, troubling but above all quite modern and I think that's probably why he took off recently. In terms of quality of photography, his style relies very much on a blogger-like portrait of everyday life, on annotations, on comments about a particular feeling, about grief, friends of his... Lets just say his exceptional photography puts any SLR users to shame as well as any of us who might consider photoshop as a means to create anything like he does.

He emerged out of the punk scene of a 70s Boston and worked on right into the 80s, in New York. His work concentrates on the portrayal of the circles he moved in, on his personal experiences and how they affected him. Hints of Man Ray photography are mixed with a depiction of the drag, drug, club and cabaret scenes of New York and Boston.


The exhibition at Zürich finished a month ago but a new exhibition, Mark Morrisroe: From This Moment On Photo Exhibition, is taking place at the Artists Space, New York. If you happen to be in the vicinity -I definitely won't be able to - go take a look!



  1. these photos are indeed really beautiful!

  2. lol..he's hot

  3. great feature, a big fan of his work! x