Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Spot the Dot: Marc Jacobs

Anyone who has been keeping an eye on what's going on at the New York Fashion Week, will probably not be oblivious to the fact that Marc Jacob's collection was composed almost entirely of dots.

What makes the collection so interesting is the very fact that he takes something like the polka dot and reworks it: they aren't limited to one size, a set colour-scheme, or one fabric. And then there's the fact that they appear literally everywhere, from head to toe!

So far, I can safely say that this is the collection of the Fashion Week that has impressed me the most: Marc Jacobs' talent lies in his ability to create unique and interesting individual outfits, whilst retaining a strong sense of unity in the whole collection.



  1. Love Marc Jacobs, his designs are so individual!


  2. love this collection!