Saturday, February 12, 2011

I Was Born This Way

With this highly irrelevant illustration I thought I'd celebrate the arrival of Lady Gaga's new single, Born This Way, which came out yesterday and has already topped quite a few records. This first song off her new album, out on the 23rd of May, promises to be another good one.
You can hear the single here...

Meanwhile, I recommend anybody to read the latest Lady Gaga interview and shoot for VOGUE US, which sums up a lot of the reasons why I admire her.

Any thoughts on the new single? Love or hate?



  1. I love Lady Gaga... but her new single is just too close to the Madonna Express Yourself, which I realize is the cover she's using... she's great anyways will buy all her next albums :D

    Thanks for putting up the vogue article!

  2. I am not a big Lady Gaga fan, even so i hink she is a great artist. But i sure love that illustration, it´s amazing!!!

  3. Lady Gaga is such an amazing artist. Unfortunately I don't like the new song...anyway maybe the next one will be better ;)


  4. WOW! Great drawing! Love Lady Gaga's new song! Love the photos in your previous post as well!

    I'm your NEWEST follower! I hope you will come visit me and follow me back!

    xx Erica