Thursday, January 27, 2011

Formal Dress

I usually don't go for the dinner jackets in collections - I just find that the concept limits mens' evening wear so much and if it's about all looking like matching penguins then I'm not interested. But with the new collections at Paris and Milan I spotted a few ideas I liked - ones which take the idea of evening wear and play with the cut, the shape, the idea... which is what should be done with evening wear.

Jean-Paul Gaultier's interpretation of a dinner jacket.


This Gareth Pugh (ss2011) version eveningwear is a big favourite.

Dior Homme

What do we think? How formal does formal have to be?


  1. I love Gareth Pugh! Almost as much as Rick Owens. Love his cuts!


  2. LOVE the Lanvin jacket. I swear that label can't do anything wrong!

  3. WOOWOWO!!! THese guys loook amazzing! Now i just need to find a boyfriend with this kind of style! haha!! LOVE IT!
    Big Kisses,
    xox Beckerman Girls

  4. So long as it is comfortable, a nice tailored fitting jacket is good enough for me. Nothing abstract or over the top ;)

  5. My formal is not formal :)