Saturday, January 29, 2011

Couture Escapism

Of all the shows, I always look forward to the couture ones the most, because so often extravagant & adventurous, whilst staying in keeping with each houses’ esthetic.
The recent Spring 2011 Couture collections have been just as exciting as ever.

On the one hand, you’ve got Galliano's stunning dresses for Dior. Like the fun & flowery “upside-down tulip” dresses from last year, there are large amounts of draping & volume, but with a definite 50’s vibe to the creations: the colours are more sober & the classy shapes of the era dominate.

And then, in opposition to this retro line, you’ve got something like the Armani PrivĂ© show, which takes on metallics combined with elegant shapes & a juxtaposition of flowing & rigid materials for a futuristic approach.

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And I think that's why for me the couture collections are so brilliant: in their diverse ways they are simply a feast for the eyes & a perfect excuse for escapism.


  1. ahhhh! these are amazing! such bold pieces.. especially the first and second pics~

  2. Wow! This is not just fashion, this is art!