Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Leather & Armani

I've recently been fascinated by leather jackets, especially ones like Lady Gaga sports in Alejandro... just like the ones in the Emporio Armani ss2011 (a perfect punk / glam rock collection). It's amazing!! I love the work with jackets as well as quite querky leather and/or patterned leggings.
I'm in love with the leatherwear Armani designed for the Alejandro video...

I spotted some really cheap leather trousers today for £12 in Mind or some other charity shop but it wasn't until I had them on (really tight round the waist...) I realised that they were women's ones. No wonder I got weird looks from the ladies behind the counter.
On another note, Bottega Veneta seems to be in there with the leather! this jacket is neat - the curves of the cut work perfectly. This is one of the few leather pieces in the ss2011 but it certainly is an eye catcher.

And Gareth Pugh is of course a master of leather sculptures...

Back to my original point which was my search for a leather jacket - so far Rockit in Brick Lane has done pretty well with their 'under £10' leather jackets section. Except they're pretty chunky and not quite what I want - and seeing as leather lasts years, it's worth the wait, right? Or at least until the day when I can afford the Armani ones. Ha.