Friday, December 17, 2010

It's all about the V

In various shapes and sizes, quite a few menswear collections showed off a V shaped waistline for ss2011, revealing the abs beneath... Is this the start of a trend similar to the 90s teenage-girl short tops?

Probably not, but I love how it plays with the shape of the clothing, how the focus goes from the face to the centre of the figure (the tummy button!). That small patch of bare skin just changes how the entire outfit works. Even Armani, just with a shirtless model and an unbuttoned jacket sports the feature. It makes any menswear more enticing and interesting - at least taken in opposition to a straight cut waistline!



  1. Ooh, very nice. I really love that second one. Digging the V.

    Did you draw that? Very nice work, if you did. I draw fashion sketches, too (coincidentally just posted one on my blog today) and I'm rather envious of yours. Mine are very detailed and take a long time. I long to be able to just dish them out like hotcakes. Yours like very simple and to the point.

  2. Hey sofi! My drawing style has always been pretty straight-to-the-point and I can't spend more than half an hour on a drawing, which isn't necessarily good! I like your sketch for its style, the time it takes isn't really important, I guess. I know what you mean though - I get irritated when I can't keep going and draw quicker...! :) and it does involve a lot of crud ones when you can't be bothered to be precise.....!