Monday, November 29, 2010

Woolly Goodness

So, as we find ourselves plunged into the depths of winter with this cold snap topped off with snow, my one obsession has become warmth & what better place to start than with a big, fat jumper? I defy anyone to even try and separate me from my Aran one. In this woolly vain of thought, here are two radically different Winter 2010 shows but both showcasing some serious woolly goodness!
For the girls, some D&G:

And for the boys some Pringle of Scotland:

I love the D&G stuff for combining warmth & fun, just as I love the Pringle stuff for combining warmth & discretion.
I don't expect any one of those knitted reindeer-patterned items would be suitable for skiing down a moutain-side, yet the outfits are truly cute & irrestible. The clothes are casual but they still remain within the Dolce & Gabbana look, by including knitted bodies such as the one worn by Natasha Poly who opened the show. As for the Pringle, I love the unusual textures combined with the dark colours (like the jumper at 4:55) - different, yet discreet.
It never ceases to fascinate me how varied the world of fashion can be & I'm glad that in my attempt to keep warm I have plenty of knitwear-looks to go for.



  1. yummm want that first one hhaa
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  2. I really love the the ski wear in this collection, had to buy a sweater with that print after seeing this



  3. Oh...I adore this season D&G. I really adore every season D&G, but this one, just wow!

  4. Omg this is amazing! The knit romper with fur boots are my fave :) Love your blog, girlie - stop thru mine? i'm blogging for sunglass hut & i'd really appreciate your feedback! xoxo, jinna

  5. I really want to own some cable knit shorts! Love this trend but it's summer here already :( You have a great blog. Let me know if you would like to follow each other :) Have a great day xx

    F. (