Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tom Ford Galore

It was in Pop that I saw Tom Ford's new ad for eyewear ...

His campaigns are anything but modest, his notoriously shocking ads just keep rolling out!

Freja Beha looking amazing as usual - just a very provocative shot, it's so morbid it's magnificiently twisted. I think it has always worked for Tom Ford; his attitude has always been one of breaking boundaries, like when he photographed Samuel de Cubber for YSL. He kind of played with the famous photo of Yves Saint Laurent, playing on our acceptance of female nudity and our surprise at seeing male nudity.
He deliberately provokes, which is great - it's not just to shock but also to see how far you can go. And to question how far it is possible to go, like shaving a model's pubic hair in the shape of the Gucci G. Overly sexual? Maybe, but in being so extreme he also points out how far ads do go - not necessarily provoking - without us really being shocked. The interview in Vogue Hommes International (last season's one) was great if you can get your hands on it.


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