Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sheepskin Flight Jackets and Cowboy Boots

I was out and about rummaging through the vintage shops and markets of Brick Lane today, and although I didn't find much for myself, I was impressed by the usual array of furs & tweeds. But - this is my pet hate at the moment - there was a pile, literally tonnes of the stuff, of furry bomber jackets in the style that Burberry showed off last year for this season.

The high street and the vintage shops have latched on to this so quickly and have really polluted the streets with these. Now whilst retro shopping I have to fight my way through all the bomber jackets -  as well as the cowboy boots (why so many?) - and they're all shapeless and smelly, not like Christopher Bailey's.

On a less moan-y note
I found a couple of good shops I hadn't ever really looked at before like Rockit or the hidden café/shop on Brick Lane which I think is called The Brickhouse and they have the most amazing collection of ... well everything! Beyond Retro is still the best stop though. You don't know it? Now you do.


  1. Sometimes, it's the hunt for that special item that is the best part about vintage shopping, even if having to find the way across so many such jackets. Thanks for the shop tip!

  2. Love the furry wintery, biker-esque coats!
    kim (UK)