Saturday, November 13, 2010

Guys & Bags

Today I saw a guy with a Longchamp bag (the staple “Le pliage” one, not a men’s one), and that got me thinking about guys and bags.
Bags are very gendered things, with, arguably, the handbag becoming representative of women & their lifestyle, as the thing that carries everything they need from money to make-up. Added to this it is incorporated into the general outfit; the bag is no longer simply about practicality but about the bag itself.
I think bags are often overlooked in the masculine world. Or maybe there’s a fear of appearing too feminine with one? I don’t know, but it’s not often you see a guy with a statement-bag. Most men seem to shy away from this: I mean how often do you see a guy carrying something other than a rucksack or a briefcase?

That’s what I like about this season’s Louis Vuitton menswear showthe bag is prominent, if not central & it’s what your eye is drawn too. So guys, take a leaf out of Marc Jacob's book: just go for it & get out your bags!

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