Friday, October 8, 2010

Vibrant Colours & Chunky Wedges

Ss 2011 is looking bright & colourful for women, as everybody has been eagerly (or not) anticipating. With Paris fashion week coming to a close, I have finally converted to what seems to be dominant new next season - wedges & colour. Took me long time.

It was definitely Balmain who convinced me that, yes, bright colours verging on fluorescence can in fact look good.

And Bottega Veneta's chunky wedges? So sleek. No more of those ss 2010 Chanel clog heels that seem to have spread through the high street shops. Why?!



  1. Ah, those red trousers are very enticing indeed.
    I adore the play of colour and those chunky wedges. Have a nice weekend;-9

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  3. Amazing blog! I especially enjoy the photos accompanying the posts!

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