Friday, September 10, 2010

Scissor Sisters

I just came accross the Scissor Sisters' new(-ish) video for Any Which Way and sure enough, as always, their flamboyancy and energy seems to work!

They'd kind of faded out recently due to the fact their last album was released in 2006, but with Night Work it looks like they're on the ball again. I love the simple construction - the emphasis on the playfulness of bold colours and simple, slow motion one-person-on-white-background shots really works. Also - I enjoy the wardrobe for this vid and Jake Shears seems to be fashioning some Gareth Pugh bondage type suits which do inevitabely catch your eye. One of the reasons why I like the Scissor Sisters is because they aren't trying to be fashionable in an in-your-face way but stick to their genre mixing retro pop with new ideas and contemporary fashion.

So, the Scissor Sisters are back on my favs list, and although their glam disco/pop creations may be a bit mainstream and playing on the stereotypes of the genre, their energy and creativity is always unleashed. They may be playing it safe with this not necessarily daring video but then that's what they are and it seems worthy of an established popular pop group.

Also - they will be joining my big idol Lady Gaga on tour, which was to be expected but nonetheless should be an interesting mix.



  1. I love the name of this blog haha :) And I love how you write, very 'clean cut' and straight forward, which makes what you're saying easy to understand.


  2. The leather jacket is amazing, I really like your blog!