Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gucci & Italian Women

I've been to Italy quite a bit over the past year, but only this year did I make the connection between the changes that occured in Gucci's womenswear since Frida Giannini has been creative director and the way Italian women dress.

Recently, notably last seasons and this a/w season have seemed to me to be extremely mainstream, I had the impression Gucci was going back to itself as it was when it was failing in the 90s. But Frida seems to be a great business woman and I realized this time, spotting Italian business women in Milan and Rome, that she is aiming her designs at specific clients.
Italian business women really dress up for work and tower in their several inch heels with assured femininity and elegance.
So Frida aims well and makes sure her designs will satisfy these women who need to look great without being too excentric or "out of the mould".

So is Frida Giannini sacrificing a bit of Gucci's punky edge to cater for these women? Her new ss2011 seems a bit more audacious, but a lot of the clothes taken independently from the outfit on the runway, are perfectably acceptable for these business ladies. And she's not alone: Versace and Armani both always offer a wide scope of clothes these donne can wear.


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