Monday, August 30, 2010

TK Maxx

Both us Monsters love TK Maxx. The thrill of finding brand new designer is just ...! Sure it takes some rooting about and no, don't go into TK Maxx looking for something specific. But, with a bit of luck....

 I recently spent way too much money on several finds in Germany - the first was these Vivienne Westwood glasses for loads less than what they should have been, true to the TK Maxx spirit. Luckily it looks like Germans don't know Vivienne, as all the other designer ones were twice the price.... Guilty moment as I had just bought glasses, but let that opportunity slip? Nah. LOVE Vivienne Westwood.

Then, I found these Pierre Cardin shoes just by walking through the shoe aisle - they grabbed my eye - and yup sure enough pretty good quality shoes. I didn't need shoes, they weren't even my size, and were in the size 10 section, but they fit.

The tough part is of course choosing them because you want them and not just for the sake of it. Sorry, bright red Alexander McQueen trousers, you and I could never have worked. But CK Jeans for £7? I think so.
The new TK Maxx in Cambridge, just opened, will be my financial downfall.

Photos by Ginger


  1. I like it! ♥
    new inspirations! ;);*

  2. loving the glasses

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  3. Those aviators are the business!