Tuesday, August 17, 2010

First Impressions

This is us. Two red heads. Two red heads & a slight obsession for fashion. 
On the left, the older but shorter ginger fashion monster. On the right, the younger but taller ginger fashion monster. Both commonly to be found rooting around charity shops, or the like.

So, just to give a general idea:
I'm a student at the University of Glasgow, and generally spend most of the time waiting for the next months issues of Elle & Vogue to be posted through my letterbox. I occasionally have waves of creativity that consist of sewing; more often than not, these attempts at making my own clothes end unsuccessfully. Sigh. Luckily, when I launch into painting/sketching it tends to be more fruitful so all is not lost...  

I'm at Cambridge University studying French and Italian, which takes up most of my time. The remaining 23 hours of the day are spent scrambling through charity & vintage stores looking for designer clothes of all kinds. I adapt my clothes and -sometimes- make my own (sewing machine is to be the next investment). Apart from that I spend my time surfing through blogs, the latest runway shows, flicking through the occasional magazines I can afford - and then drawing!

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